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Digital downloads can be ordered in 3 sizes: Small, Medium & Large.
Prints are either 11x14 or 12x18 inches and will be shipped to you directly from my print lab. There is a $8.95 shipping fee.
For larger prints, contact me as not all images will have good quality at larger sizes.
Mia Conley


Collages are on a per order basis. Sizes are:
11x14 $105
12x18 $125
16x20 $185
20x30 $230

I can also create large, 40x30 multi-layer collages called Art Walls. This is a very special design that needs to be ordered at the beginning of the season to ensure I can obtain the images.
 SJLeipsic VBJPG

2022 SJ Volleyball

 SJElida bkbJPG

2022-23 SJ Basketball & Football

22 23 DJ AE bkb_010 JPG

2022-23 DJ Basketball & Football

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